A Recruiting-First Organization

At Softworld Financial Services, our top focus is on recruiting—and more importantly, serving the IT professionals we recruit.

Great pay, amazing opportunities and complete benefits…that’s just the start.

We believe our consultants are our most valuable partners, and we do more than anyone else to provide an exceptional work experience.


Why choose Softworld?

Sure, we work with the top banks and financial services companies…

But so do other companies. Our difference is that our recruiters will take the time to actually learn about you, so we can refer you to the right companies—those that match your skills, interests and career goals.

Of course, we offer great pay and benefits.

We regularly benchmark our compensation and benefits against other consulting firms to ensure we offer the most competitive rates.

It’s really about a more rewarding work experience.

Softworld has a Consultant Care team that is 100% focused on delivering the most exceptional work experience for our consultants. Caring. Personal attention. Communication. We provide the support you need, and we treat you like the integral part of the team that you are.