Kevin Mullins, SVP, IBC Bank

Having looked at other options and not finding the right fit, we ultimately chose Softworld’s staffing and recruiting capabilities for our 2008 MC to Visa card conversion and back-end conversion. Their “banking” focused expertise made the selection that much easier. Once Softworld received our specific skill sets/requirements, they presented our team with “spot on” people. We engaged two perfect fits from Softworld for this business critical project; a Project Manager with over 20 years of project management and banking experience including 15 years of credit card, debit card, ATM, Visa DPS, conversion and integration experience (both on the technical and business side), and a Business Analyst, also with over 20 years of banking operations and business analysis experience. The PM was instrumental in keeping us on track throughout the project and the BA added invaluable business expertise. Both consultants played critical roles in the success of the project and easily blended in and integrated with the personality/environment of our bank. If you are seeking proven subject matter experts with multiple years of banking experience, I would strongly recommend utilizing Softworld’s resources.